I've got some good news and some bad news...

I'll tell you the bad news first.

My camera died.
My beloved Olympus E-300 Evolt won't shoot anymore.
Yes, the one I use EVERY SINGLE DAY to document my extraordinarily ordinary life.

It was quite sudden, too.
It was working just fine.
And then it just stopped.
Just like that.

No more pictures for me, Precious.  (She said, in a sad, pathetic little voice.)  =(

I'm taking in in to the camera shop ASAP and I hope there's a fix for it.
Because I'm seriously feeling sad over this.
Like the death of an old and loyal friend.

Oh, but wait...there is good news.

This is the very last picture it took:
Sleeping Beauty Castle
Like a final parting gift... *sigh*

(But, hey, how cute are we? And isn't the castle especially beautiful? =D)