I try. I swear I do.

Martaskitchenlogo_1It's Thursday. Which means I have a new recipe posted over at Babalú. Today I made Carne con Papas.  It's really a huge crowd pleaser here in our home. And ok, I'll let you in on a secret. It is so much better on the second day. If there's any left over. ;-)

I confess. I am pretty proud of knowing my way around the kitchen and being able to make just about anything.
But there is something I can't make.
P4163078_2I can't make this.
It's a Cherry Cheesecake.
It is Eric's favorite dessert.
And his mom always makes it for him on his birthday.

Oh, I suppose I could attempt it.
I have even offered.
But he politely declines.
Because, of course, no one can make a Cherry Cheesecake like his mom.
And after I get over the whole, pouty, hurt feelings-and-pride thing, I concede. And I realize that I want my kids to say the same thing.
I guess it's true.
I can't make the Birthday Cherry Cheesecake that Mom Makes.
And that's as it should be. =D