It's in her blood

P5174280Blonde hair, blue eyes and a dazzling smile. [heavy sigh]

That's Amy, my firstborn, apparently in Cuba, sitting on the wall of the Malecon overlooking Havana Bay and the Castillo del Morro.
Notice how she looks right at home.

(This fabulous photo op was part of Cuba Nostalgia.)

She can cook a mean arroz con pollo.
She holds her own bilingually.
And while my other 3 kids are musicians, this one can dance.
And, boy, did she ever!

In front of the Univision cameras. (Eric's response when I told him was just a heavy sigh. =D)

We're not really sure whether to be proud or frightened. 
(We taped it from the tv at my cousin's house later that day. She comes on after the guy rolling the cigars.)

The interviewer asked her what her "technique" was. 
Her response: "Technique? What techinique? I'm Cuban! It's in my blood."

Okay, so maybe I'm a little bit proud. ;-)
(But Eric is still sighing heavily)