It's time to play... "Who's Got Stuff?"

These four people went to Las Vegas this past weekend and had to share a two bedroom/two bath condo:
4 of us
(Actually, Amy Kikita was also with us, but I don't know where she was when we were taking this photo and she kept her stuff in her suitcase so she doesn't factor into the following game, but that's not important right now...)

So, here's the game:

Match the Stuff with the Personality

Directions: Match the Personalities (A,B,C,D) with their Stuff (1,2,3,4).
(I've included some helpful descriptions.)

A) Lucy - Daughter. 15 years old. Sophomore in high school. Adorable. Girly-girl.
B) Eric - The Father. Tech-guy and Internet Marketing Guru.
C) Jonathan - Son. 13 years old. Learning about grooming.
D) Marta  - The Mom. Cuban. This explains everything about her.

Photo # 1:
Toiletries 2

Photo # 2:
Toiletries 4

Photo # 3:
Toiletries 3

Photo # 4:
Toiletries 1

It's an open-book test.  Take your time....  =D