Who IS this guy???

It's going to take me weeks to digest all that happened over this fabulous Cuba Nostalgia weekend. I think I'll just give it to you piece-meal. 

So I was tearing around Cuba Nostalgia looking at booths and shopping with Claudia and trying to take it all in when I noticed a gorgeous domino table and a nicely groomed man arranging the dominoes.  What I did NOT notice was that I had stumbled right onto the Univision set, but that's not important right now... 

So I start joking with the domino-arranging guy about being a little obsessive-compulsive, which was probably the wrong thing to say considering I had just met him and what if he was OCD and I had just brought up a deep and painful subject? Besides,  I had no business judging him or mocking him. Heck,  I didn't even know him! But there I was with my foot lodged deeply in my mouth (you KNOW it's big enough!)  Happily, he was very gracious and talked to me for a few minutes (probably out of pity and thinking I had Tourettes, but that's not important right now, either. =D

So, again, I notice as we're shaking hands that he's too well-groomed (and wearing too much perfectly-applied stage make-up) to be a mere mortal like us.  Just then, the lightbulb goes on in my head and my synapses fire to make the connection (albeit slowly....) - "Hey! I'll bet he's a local Miami area TV guy!" Of course, I didn't know who exactly he was, because a) I'm not from Miami and b) I don't watch Univision ... but he said his name so smoothly and quickly and with a total Spanish-TV guy's voice, and somehow I still didn't manage to catch it and I was flustered because I realized I was making a big idiot out of myself, so I salvaged the situation by shoving my camera into Claudia's hand, smiling sweetly and a little shyly up at him, and asking for a picture.  (I figured appealing to his vanity was the only decent thing left to do.)

"Yes, Yes, of course...."

Really, considering he thought he was dealing with a lunatic, he was so gracious.  And I'll always be so grateful to........umm.....

this guy:

But, seriously now... who IS this guy???

Can I please get a little help here? Please?