It's Election Day . . .

Kikita here.

Today I woke up with a heavy heart. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders . . . or at least it was on my mind. My thoughts were somewhere along these lines:
I have to vote today. ALONE.
The people in Cuba can't vote.
Whatever happens today will affect them.
Being a Cuban-American version 2.0, I don't think I can appreciate the honor of voting the way Mami and other first generation Cuban voters do.

I had spent hours researching and making decisions, I had my "Voter's Guide." I was ready. Ok, I wasn't too ready. I had to psych-up for the waiting in line. I looked out my window and it was pretending to rain. (I say pretending because the ground was wet, but it is nothing if you've ever been somewhere like Miami where it really rains). Knowing that I would have to wait in line in the rain just to do my civic duty, I decided that the whole process would be happier with a cafe con leche. Obviously, my only option was Starbucks. I know I vowed never to go back, but I had to make an exception.
I called work and said I'd be late.
I admit, I was nervous. It was my first time going to vote by myself.
So I went one step at a time. And just followed the signs . . .
 praying a mile a minute.
Equipped with my comforting cafe con leche (ok, it was a latte, but close enough), I looked for the endless line. I found none.
I walked right in. Everyone was nice and cheerful and pleasant and helpful.
Being raised in the era of technology, I was all for using the machine. Paper ballot? Why?
I voted.
I double checked everything.
I got my sticker.
I was only 10 minutes late to work.
I am STILL praying a mile a minute.
My heart is still heavy with thoughts of Cuba, but I voted.
I did my part.
And, as always, I looked fabulous. =D