It's ALL good.

Seventeen years ago today he promised to love and to cherish, not just me, but the two most precious beings in my life.

Amy was nine and Adam was six when Eric and I got married on August 8th, 1992. I had been a single mother for a few years and was not looking to get involved with anyone; I had two kids to raise and I was very serious about that.

So Eric and I became friends. And he was good to me and to them.

But he also recognized the seriousness of my commitment to my kids.
And he embraced that commitment on our wedding day.
And he took vows and made promises to the three of us.

E & m wedding kids002

Adam still wears the engraved gold charm that Eric gave him on that day.

As I write this, Eric is teaching Amy about internet marketing for her new job.

He taught them both to drive.
He helped them write resumes and apply for jobs.
He keeps their cars running.
And he runs interference when they think that Mom is being stubborn. (Cuban!)
In short, he does all the things that Dad is supposed to do.
And he does them well.

So in this whole marriage deal, I got, not just a good husband, but an excellent father for my kids.

E & m wedding kids003

Amy (9). Adam (6). August 1992.

His ability and commitment to keep his promises has impacted all of our lives....for good.

Thank you, Eric.
For keeping your promises.
I love you so much for that.
We all do.

Eric & kids
Happy Anniversary, Honey.