It's about TIME

Much to my Jonathan's great sadness, I read somewhere that Bill Gates only lets his kids play video games for about forty-five minutes a day.  And because even though we homeschool, I don't want my kids to grow up to be total Social Retards, (I know you were thinking it!) we have Gaming Rules.

So the rules state that they can spend as much time as they need or want on their computers doing creative stuff (ie. writing, making films, editing pictures) or doing research.  We have four stations set up in our office/studio/homeschool area and we can all see each other's monitors at all times (but that's not important right now).

But when it comes to the game playing thing, they are limited to 45 minutes a day, with exceptions occasionally on weekends.
That's right. 45 minutes.

Say it with me, "Because I'm the mom and I said so."  =D

Left to his own devices, this is how Jonathan would choose to spend his time:

So the 45 Minute Gaming Rule remains.  He'll thank me much later when he gets A Real Life. ;-)

[The show is called The Big Bang Theory. We saw this episode on an airplane and I still laugh every time. I know Uber-Geek Humor. =D]