It's a jungle out there.

S_house_distance_2_2My friend, Nora, has a fabulous husband named Brian. He is a visionary, an adventurer, an explorer.

Nora is a wise and witty woman.  She is stylish and beautiful, thoughtful and intelligent.

Together they are raising two amazing young men, Adrian and Ivan (who will henceforth be known as The Monkeys) here in this amazing house in the middle of the jungle looking down on the clouds.

As she shares her day to day adventures of procuring (mostly inedible food)  and the struggles to build a home here in these clouds, I stand in awe.  You're a better woman than I, Norita. 
But I am delighted that she has started blogging about her adventures in the Costa Rican jungles so that we can live vicariously through her.  Her blog is .  I visit often and I'm sure they would love some company out at the place where the world ends. 
I thought "oh, it looks like Cloud City." (think Star Wars, Lando Calrissian, Cloud City - there was a rhythm to that.)
In the meantime, I'm just going to be supportive and cheer them on from here in my snake and chameleon-free yard.  But seriously, stop by and stay hello to Norita.  Tell her it was her crazy Cuban friend, Marta who sent you.  I think they'll be happy to receive any contact with the outside world.
I'm just going to flop back and forth between jealousy and are-you-insane? 

Norita and Brian are on Cloud Nine.  (seriously, they actually number the clouds. . . gotcha!)

Looking forward to more installments from Life with Monkeys.

Love you!  Miss you!! Mean it!
The Darbys