"It's a good thing."

My friend and faithful blog-reader, Mica (whom I had the pleasure to meet at Cuba Nostalgia last year),  shared a sweet moment she had at the 2009 Food and Wine Festival in Miami a few weeks ago.

She got to meet Martha.

Yes, THAT Martha.  I swear. I want to be her sometimes. (Martha, not Mica.)

Martha. She who represents everything I could ever hope to be (except for that whole pesky insider-trading-and-having-to-go-to-jail thing, but that's not important right now).

I know.  Shut up. How cool is she?
Mica & Martha
Mica meets Martha and encourages her to get in touch with her inner Cubana.

She (Mica, not Martha) reports that they had the following exchange:

Mica (the very bold Cuban woman):
"Martha, you MUST do a whole show on Cuban food & culture."

Martha: "Oh I have done some things. Why? Are you Cuban?" 

Mica: "Yes, very!!"

So, Mica, my friend, kudos to you for your witty 60 second book-signing repartee with Martha.

If it had been me, I know I would have been tongue-tied and probably said something like:

"Martha! I want to be the Cuban YOU!"

That didn't come out right, did it?  Heavy sigh.  =(

So you see.....It's a very good thing it was you, Mica, and not me. =D

(Thanks for sharing, my friend!)

"It's a good thing."
              ~ Martha Stewart