It starts. . .

I have creative kids and I'm always proud to share their exploits.  This particular film was made by Amy, but the song was written and performed by Adam.  It was the highlight of our family reunion.

I've told you before about our big, fat family reunion which I held here in my home in 2002. It was in that post that I explained about what a "cucufate" is.
I've also told you that the octogenarians are now in their nineties and planning another trip.

I have not told you that the fun begins tomorrow.  I'm picking up my cousin, Maria and her husband, Rufo (whom I adore!) along with my mom's little sister (she'll be turning 90) as we begin what Adam likes to call The Cucufate Olympics - Round 2.

He wrote an original song to the tune of Hotel California but it's Cucufate Olympics in California. It begins on one of our first trips to the airport to pick up my mom's older and younger brothers, one in a wheelchair, which is where Adam got the idea of a race. 
Please enjoy Adam as he musically recaps the week leading up to the reunion where he performed the song and as he tells about all the airport pick ups, all the alcohol consumed, he finds out what exactly is a "boniato?" , he gives a pretty accurate picture of the trip where Amy takes all the old people to Vegas along with Cousin Waldo ("where's Waldo??")  and finally all the out-of-town guests made speeches which were then translated to English. (please enjoy. it will explain so much.)

It was. . . "una noche inolvidable!"