It Can Wait. A (Blackberry) Giveway

{Disclosure: This post is part of a compensated campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and AT&T. I also received the same AT&T "ItCanWait" gift bag that I'm giving away. The opinions are my own.}

I have my phone on me pretty much all the time. I'm guessing it's the same for most of you. That's the world we live in. Life in 2o13 is mostly shared via text. At least in my family.

And my kids? They always have their phones close to them. If they don't, I think they experience phantom-limb syndrome (but that's not important right now). Their smart phones are like appendages.

Darby family

I take photos and I text every single day. So does my family. It's how we communicate with each other. It's how we share life.

But if they're out in the world and they're driving, I absolutely don't want them to respond to any texts. There is not any text response that is worth their safety. It. Can. Wait.

Don't Text and Drive

Which is why I'm on board with AT&T's It Can Wait Campaign. This is serious to me and I believe it should be for all parents. The reason I'm an advocate for this no-texting-while-driving campaign is that I want the day to come when texting and driving becomes as unacceptable as drinking and driving. There. I said it.

Even having the conversation with your kids and loved ones makes a difference. Since the movement was launched in 2009, more than two million no-texting-while-driving pledges have been logged through, social media such as Facebook, and don't text and drive events. And it's working. Attitudes and behaviors are changing and ultimately lives will be saved.

Jon darby att it can wait

There are a few things I want to share with you today before I introduce this giveaway.

AT&T has developed a free app for Android and Blackberry called AT&T DriveMode®. It already has more than 310k unique downloads. 

  • Once downloaded and set up, the app will turn on automatically once your vehicle starts moving 25 miles per hour. Then anyone who tries to text or send email will receive an auto reply message telling them you’re currently driving and will get back to them soon.
  • When the app is turned on, all calls will automatically be sent to voicemail; however, the user can identify up to five numbers that can always be dialed, and 911 calls are always allowed.
  • When setting up the app, the user has the option to select one navigation and one music app that can be accessed while DriveMode is turned on.
  • While enabled, depending on your device, the app also stops incoming sounds for texts, emails and voice calls – so you’re less tempted to grab your phone.
  • The app automatically turns off once the vehicle is going less than 25 miles per hour for 5 minutes and then the user can view the calls, messages and emails as they normally would.

The Blackberry Giveaway

Today's giveaway has been generously donated by Blackberry and sponsored by AT&T.

The "ItCanWait" gift bag includes the following:

  • Blackberry Q10
  • ItCanWait T-shirt
  • ItCanWait thumb rings
  • ItCanWait Non-Woven Big Tote
  • ItCanWait Decals/Spanish
  • ItCanWait Cleaning cloth
  • ItCanWait Silicon snap bracelet
  • Interior Double Side Cling

It can wait gift bag

To enter this drawing for The Blackberry Q10 and the AT&T "ItCanWait" Gift Bag please leave a comment on this post and do the following:

Please leave your comments on this post and I'll choose a winner on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 at 9:00 am PST. (That's 2 entries allowed per person. I'm trusting you to be honest about it.)

IMPORTANT: You must use a legitimate email address to comment and not just a Facebook link. I need to be able to contact the winner.

This post will stay at the top of my blog until September 19th. I encourage you to take the pledge, tell friends and get involved. We're saving lives here, people.