"Isn't that special?"

0530071917I love comedy.
And, happily, the local Improv is only about 5 minutes away and I am on their mailing list. Seriously. We go. A lot.
I just think that some good belly laughs are almost as healing as a good cry. I think it hurts in the same place, too. ;-)
Sometimes I will get a last minute email telling about someone trying out some new material and only there for one night.
This was the case two years ago when we went to see Dana Carvey (of SNL fame).
And he was FABULOUS.  Side-splittingly-can't-catch-your-breath funny.
So it wasn't really unusual that Eric was having trouble catching his breath.
No really. Couldn't catch his breath.
Ha-ha, Honey. Okay, now breathe, please.
Our seats were GREAT. About 12 feet from the stage.
And Eric is breaking out in a cold sweat.
No, really, it was nothing. He was just going to stand in the back for a few minutes and catch his breath, that's all.
So, I am still totally enjoying the show. Dana is HILARIOUS. Hilarious, I tell you. In between jokes, I keep glancing back at my husband, who, I can tell by the look on his face, is NOT OK.
At that moment, I am torn (she confesses sheepishly).  Should I just stay put and (OMG! Dana is doing Church Lady!) wait til the show is over? Or go see what is happening to my poor husband?

Love and worry win out over comedy and I ask the manager to call 911. Eric is NOT OK.
So, we go outside and he lays down on the planter. Yes. The PLANTER (if I wasn't sure earlier, that, right there was the big tip-off to the whole HE'S-NOT-OK thing), while we wait for the paramedics.
And the fire engines and ambulance arrive just moments before the show is over and the place is emptying.  The paramedics are working on my husband as I'm sitting there, smiling and waving at the exiting audience.
Yes, I silently communicate to them, this is how we usually end the evening. Have a nice day. =D

He got to ride in the ambulance and I got to follow them to the ER.
It turned out to be vertigo. Vertigo? Who gets this? I am not even sure what it is. Isn't that an Alfred Hitchcock movie? I'm so confused and a little sad (Dana was sooo funny!) that I missed that show. (Technically, only the 2nd half, but, still. . .)

But, guess who was at the Improv again this week??
Yes, of course, we went!
Dana was once again, incredibly funny and clever. Such a delight to watch.
I like to think that Eric kind of owed it to me, but at the same time, I feel a little guilty for my own attitude.

Church Lady voice:
Who could be causing a grown woman to be so selfish?
Who could it be? I just don't know. . .
Could it be . . .
(insert heavy echo here . . .)  SATAN!?

(I guess you had to be there. . ) =D