Island girls blog, too.

Balboa island sign
The Balboa Island Ferry.
Just one of those local historically charming things we have here in South Orange County.
Since 1919 the auto ferry has been taking 3 cars at a time (plus pedestrian passengers) back and forth between Balboa Island and the Fun Zone at the Balboa Peninsula.

To my complete excitement and delight, my Cuban friend, Carrie, of the fabulous blog, Bilingual in the Boonies is visiting us here in Southern California, far from their Boonie Home in Tennessee, along with her enchanting husband (No, they're never going to build a bridge there, Tom - get over it. =D) and their delightfully animated and chatty daughter, Maria, who breathlessly told me this great story all about how she has a baby sister, Rebecca, and an older sister, Lilly, but they don't live in the same house as her, and yada, yada...

I knew Carrie and I had much to catch up on, but still....

Me: "You have two other daughters?? And they don't live with you?? You're holding out on me!" 

Carrie: "Marta,( she said in a voice of infinite patience, that she obviously uses to explain things to her 4 year old and her thick-headed-quasi-retarded friends) Maria is four and doesn't quite get the concept of COUSINS." 

And that was just the beginning of our evening.

I suppose you are still wondering what we were doing boarding the Balboa Island Ferry at 10 o'clock at night. I know the setting seems odd, but seriously, what could be more natural (or more fun???) than two Cuban girls on an island?  =D

(Stay tuned - I will have much to report!)  ;-)