Is it me?

You know how much I'm loving my white picket fence and so I was thinking how much fun it would be to plant a wall of sunflowers along the fence.  Can you picture it? A little sunflower army lined up to greet us each day. (Okay, well, I was sort of fantasizing about that, but that's not important right now.)

Sunflower seeds
So we planted the sunflowers and they started to grow FAST. Within the first week the little plants each had a couple of leaves and then later that afternoon, POOF! they were gone.  What the...??

I coerced the story confession from our sweet little Mexican gardener (but frankly, after this sunflower incident, I'm going to give a little more thought to his actual qualifications to be a gardener besides just being Mexican and owning a weed whacker). 

He whacked the tiny plants which were planted in the bed in front of the picket fence in an orderly line - he deduced weeds and proceeded to whack my young seedlings into oblivion. 

This is why my line of sunflowers looks like this today: I know. What's wrong with this picture??
I know. One SURVIVOR and a dozen more stragglers. 
And yes, he's taller than Jonathan.
So, we went for round two. And here they come!  When the gardeners arrive, I run out screaming for them to turn off the weed whacker and they just smile stupidly, but they don't whack any sunflowers because now they fear for their lives. =D

Sunflower & Jon

It's  taller than my almost 6 foot son. 
And I kind of like that it's the only one to made it to adulthood. But there's an entire crop coming right up behind that one, Yes, I caved and replanted. I told you


They just make me sooo happy. It's a happy day.  ;-)

I. Hate. Weed whackers. =(