International Women's Day should be celebrated like this...

Today is International Women's Day. (Who knew?)

In light of that, I think this video with the Spanish Novela Hunk, Rafael Amaya (La Reina del Sur) is apropo. It's in Spanish and he's "selling" a service called "Para Ella" (For Her).

He's happy to pick up the house, fold laundry just the way "she" likes it, dust in those hard to reach places, rub her feet, arrange her shoes, vacuum, and cuddle. Yes, it's really a fantasy, but that's not important right now.

Even if you don't speak Spanish, you'll totally enjoy this. It may be the best minute and 22 seconds you'll spend today.

Excuse me while I call Eric. "Hi Honey, have you read my blog today? (hint, hint)"

Eric and marta darby

Let the celebration begin!

Thanks to NBC Universal and mun2.