Indy and Daisy

My grandniece, Daisy, loves Indiana Jones. (Seriously, what's NOT to like??)

Not just the movies that have his name, but the ride at Disneyland - The Temple of the Forbidden Eye. (Which is on the top five list of attractions to see there for us, but that's not important right now.)


My (ever-resourceful) son, Jonathan is also a lover of All-Things-Indy.
In honor of Miss Daisy's 9th Birthday, which is today, he proposed I share the following:

(He found this on youtube... and okay, yes, now we always sing it before we go on the ride. I know. Shut up.)

So, Happy Birthday, Miss Doodle!


May your life be a series of wonderfully fun adventures! I love you.

Want adventure? Come to me!
A professor...of archeology!

                            ~ Indiana Jones and the Song of Theme