In praise of quinceañeras

At Disneyland the other night...

Me: "Hey, that blond lady looks like Cristina."

Them: (eye-rolling, full-body complaining ensues..) "Not again, Mom! Who's Cristina?"

Me: "She's like the Cuban Oprah, but that's not important right now."

Them: "Why is there an elaborate platform in front of the castle tonight?"
"Why are there tv cameras everywhere?"
"Look at all those young brides!"

Me: "Ahem. . .not brides... those are fifteen-year olds, celebrating their dream quinceañera with CRISTINA SARALEGUI here at Disneyland." (the blond lady from earlier - I was RIGHT!!)


Them: "You always know such random stuff."

Me: "I know. It's a gift. . . and a curse." =D