I'm. On. Vacation. (via Instagram)

Every year, just like my parents used to in Cuba B.C.* (*before Castro), we enjoy spending a beautifully relaxing time at the beach. In this case, we're in Del Mar, California and the weather is perfect.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would already have this information, but that's not important right now.

Here's the documentation of the beginning of our vacation week (with captions), via Instagram.

This is where you'll find me all week.

Beach chairs

Right now.

So cal water temp

They're both good at boogieing, but she excels at frolicking.

Boogie boarding

My husband participates in vacation sports.

Eric and the kite

I'm. On. Vacation.

Marta face

As you can see, we're working really hard at this whole vacation/relaxation thing. I think I've done really well with the documentation part of it, too.

If you want to enjoy some more of my personal vacation "relajo," please feel free to follow along on Instagram. I'm Smrtqbn. Coming to you live from my beach chair in Del Mar, California. ;-)