I'm a poet and I don't even. . . oh wait. . .


My adorable niece, Katie, is 22 today.

That means I will go out on a creative limb for her and write a haiku poem. 
Okay. I don't routinely go around writing haikus,  (Well, I confess, sometimes I think of them, but I don't routinely write them down, but that's not important right now.)

Katie and I have this tradition:

I write a lovely, and (for me) mentally taxing haiku every year for her on her birthday and she totally appreciates my sense of humor.  See how that works?

And because I am not one to break with tradition. . .

I miss you, Katie.
        Life's good. Even if you are
                        a Banana Slug.

Auntie M

(P.S. your regalo is in the mail.)