I'll be there for you . . .

Pm1976One of my favorite things about blogging is that I have a space where I can pay tribute to the people in my life whom I love.

I have written before about my friend, Pam who, along with her husband Gene, lives in Hanford, a city (town? hamlet? I still can't figure this one out!) in central California.

This was taken in 1977 in Pam's living room.  We were about twenty-one years old here.  In my mind that seems like about thirty minutes ago, but indeed it was taken thirty years ago.

She has always been the tall, beautiful classic California blond.  (I, of course, am still the short Cuban one.)

We live hundreds of miles apart, but thanks to the beauty of technology,  I get to "talk" to her just about every day.  Even online, her humor is always evident.  I swear, most of the time when I am chatting with her, I am laughing out loud.  "You're talking to Pam again, aren't you?" LOL. =D

I have written about her before here on my blog.  She is the one who sent me the Charlie Brown Tree at Christmas time. And the cake on our anniversary. Her husband, Gene is the one who keeps getting stuck behind The Train.  They love making Cuban food so much we call them Honorary Cubans.

My kids ADORE her.  She writes to them often and sends them gifts.  They call her their Fairy Godmother.  I think that honorary title is completely appropriate. She is incredibly thoughtful and generous and cares deeply about each one of them.

Today, in honor of her Happy Birthday, I'd like to share a video (created by my beautiful and talented Amy, of course) put together from some old super-8 films of us as young adults. Taken mostly at Disneyland or at the beach in San Clemente, it perfectly encapsulates our friendship and the fun times we have shared.  (The babies are her beautiful kids, Geno and Mary.)

Pm2I am proud and blessed to be able to call her my friend.

Happy Birthday, Pam!

"Ill be there for you. . .
'cause you're there for me, too."