Finding Nemo (and everything else, too.)


It's not like I don't already have enough projects going on in my life.  But this one I couldn't resist.

If you're the holder of a Disneyland Passport (which we are) this will be as familiar a sight to you as it is to us.
Most of our friends are also passholders and Lovers of All Things Disney.
So last week Helen (my niece) calls me:

"It's Gina's Birthday and I want you to make one of your Disneyland Scavenger Hunts for her."

Create a GAME?? Are you kidding? No need to ask twice. I'm all over it. We are all such uber-geeky lovers of anything competitive. I swear.
So we went to Disneyland this week and I took my beloved camera with the longer (40-150 mm) lens and went nuts.

Here's how we did it:

1) We took pictures of things (signs, statues, landmarks, etc.) all over the park.
2) We printed them and put them into a mini-album ($2.00 at Target).
3) Helen took Gina to Disneyland yesterday and gave her the album.
4) Gina had to provide photo-proof she had found the 40 items. (I won't mention how old she is. wink. wink. =D)
5) I have included the pictures in a photo album over on the left called Disneyland Photo Scavenger Hunt if anyone is in So Cal and going to Disneyland and feels like playing. I gave hints in the photo comments section as to which "land" you need to be in to find each item.

Can I just tell you right now that Gina ROCKS!!


She claims she had a blast finding everything.  I think I had more fun coming up with the game.

Happy Birthday, Gina! I hope you had a great day.

I should quickly explain that Gina has been hanging around MBFCF since she could toddle. She's definitely one of the family.  So of course, none of this surprises her.  It's so awesome.

Now I'm thinking I want to go back and do another scavenger hunt over at California Adventures and maybe a kid-friendly version just for the kid areas.  I can feel my creative booster rockets preparing to launch.  Stay tuned. I'll be letting you know whenever someone chooses to play and lets us know.  I'll also be letting you know if my brain accidentally explodes. ;-)  I should have been an Imagineer. (sigh)

And because I have Gina's attention (and I can). . .

We use this clip of my brother-in-law dancing with all the women in just about every family video we've ever created. It's our very favorite.  Gina is in this scene, which puts her in every single one of our family Christmas videos. See? Family. She's the one of the far right with the long curly hair and the butt bow. (lighten up. it was the 80's - everyone had a butt bow!) If you look closely enough you'll see a little blond girl trying to get in the dance - that would be my Amy.


Happy, Happy Birthday, Gina! You Wild Thing, you. And yes, you made the video again. =D