The Paradigm Shift


If you were here, I'd insist you load up your plate.

You would demure, of course, but quickly change your mind when your watering mouth took charge and suggested you say "to hell with manners, load 'er up!" But, because your good breeding is so ingrained, you instead say, "Gee, that's a lot, but it sure looks good!"  (which everyone knows is just code for "I'm counting on having seconds already!")

So I load up your plate and you look questioningly at the bananas. They're not bananas, they're plantains, I explain. They will give just the right amount of sweetness to that salty bite.  You're an unbeliever, but you decide to trust me because "boy! those smell wonderful!"

No words are spoken for a few moments as everyone at the table is tasting their food.  Then it's time for the ceremonial ecstatic moaning.  "All together now - mmmmmh-wow-uummm!" We make eye contact and it is plainly written all over your delirious expression that you have encountered. . .

Cuban food.

At its home cooked finest.

You'll never be the same again.

That's what I'm here for - to shift your paradigms. ;-)


This perfect serving is brought to you by Babalúblog, where I'm making Arroz con Salchichas today.