I love a story with a happy ending...

We'll call it:  "Babalu and the Picadillo"

I have a gnarly sinus infection that is causing one of the lymph nodes in the back of my neck to swell up like a golf ball.

Okay. So that was so NOT how you pictured the beginning of this story and it is kind of an overshare, but you need this information to follow along with the rest of the story.
Because of the infection, I have been on antibiotics for the past week. But they really irritate my stomach and make me kind of stupid. Or maybe it's the fishbowl effect from the sinus thing.

P3072104 Either way,  I was feeling kind of clumsy and dopey...and I kind of fell and hit my head on the kitchen counter on the way to the ground.  (I swear)

So then, I was dizzy and nauseous all day. And when the shaking and vomiting started (I know. I know. T.M.I.) and I fell over again - I sort of ended up in the E.R.
But you see, I had already sent an email to Val at Babalu telling him I was ready to post my awesome recipe for Picadillo.

So as they are wheeling me in the gurney to get the CAT SCAN,  I'm kind of babbling about "Babalu and the Picadillo."   Which was probably sounding like some kind of children's story to the nurse, who thought I was completely delusional.

I've been teaching my 20 year old to follow a recipe and we've been playing "Marta's Cuban American TEST Kitchen" for the past few weeks (more on that in a later post). And I guess Adam thought it was my last request or something, because when I got home after 5 hours and all the testing and stuff,  (by the way, I'm ok, except for the bloody sinus infection....) he had made me some Picadillo. Ah, I love that. That should be a law: You must have Picadillo after a CAT Scan. I'm going to start a movement. Very soon. But right now I think I just need to rest.

The recipe for "Papi's Favorite Picadillo"  is now posted over at Babalu.
And, if I do say so myself . . .  it. is.  KILLER! =D

I think I might have to take a few days off to recover. But this is a truly happy ending after all.

The End.

Martas_kitchen_copy_1 P22617151