I hear voices

P2211418_2It's morning and it's 9-ish.
And I'm still in my PJ's.
Shocking. I know.

An internal voice - more like an inner-nazi protests. ("PJ's?? It's after 9 am!!")

I don't usually do this, so now my inner-nazi is bludgeoning me with shoulds. ("You should really double check your to-do list for this week!")

Reviewing my to-do list, I see that we have turned our school work in for this month and the kids did great.

("You should get ready for your mom!") Amy has graciously kept her grandmother with her to give me a break.

("You should definitely clean the house!")  My sister's cleaning lady came over yesterday to help us out here, so there's really nothing for me to do.

("What about for the party??") Preparations are complete for my mom's birthday party tomorrow.

And yet, that inner-nazi continues the berating with all the things I could do.
And calling me names! ("You are so lazy!")

Something is terribly wrong.

It's nice and overcast. A perfect morning to just sit and read and drink my cafécito.
With nothing on my agenda. (inner-nazi if freaking now - "Surely there must be something you have to do immediately!!")

I picked up Eric from LAX last night and I'm a little bit tired. ("No time to be tired! Too much to do!")

For a moment, I'm tempted to get up and clean out files, or rearrange cupboards or do some laundry... ("That's more like it!")
Not now. That can wait for another time. ("Procrastinator!")

Besides, look at that nice fire and this quiet house...

So for my inner-nazi, I just have two words:

I'm Cuban. I know how to make myself heard. =D