Whole lotta shakin' goin' on...

I have this shelf on the wall behind my desk. It's like an homage to the animation gods at Pixar (but that's not important right now). See all those cute little innocuous toys on my shelf?
Toys on shelf

At 11:42 today, those little happy meal toys started dancing around on their own.




It knocked over poor Sid the Sloth, (see him lying helplessly on the desk) but that's all the damage we endured. Thank God.

I was talking to some friends in Miami last week about earthquakes and about how we're just used to them here in Southern California. "It's nothing. We're totally used to them." (I said it a little arrogantly too. That'll teach me...)

Umm....I want to publicly confess here that I LIED. I did. I lied.

I NEVER get used to them.  NEVER. I still freak out. Big Time!!

In the 30 seconds (which is a long friggin' time when everything around you is shaking!) it took for the thing to start, make the toys dance, knock down Sid and for us to get outside, where we found all the neighbors, I made a complete an utter fool of myself.

5.4 on the Richter Scale. (which I feel like I know waaay too much about because we live in Earthquake Land, but that's not important right now.) My Freak Out was at least a 7.1.

Yes. Major.


That was cathartic. ;-)

(NOTE: Thanks to all of you who have been writing, calling and texting your concern. You are awesome.)