I Have a (Cuban) Superpower

I get my nails done regularly.

What I mean by that is that I usually get a regular manicure and pedicure at my local nail salon. And, yes, I suppose I could just buy some polish and paint them myself, but I really enjoy taking the time and pampering myself that way. (Or I may just be shallow and spoiled.)

So, every other week I trot into my local nail salon and I'm faced with the Wall of Polish.


And even though I always like to wear RED, (of course!) the color choices within the reds can be pretty overwhelming.

So, I do my best to pick out the best red that suits me. Not too dark. No glittery stuff. Not too pink. Not too orange.

So I make my best guess as to which red polish will work for me, and I stretch out my hand and reach for it...

Big apple red

And I end up choosing THE SAME ONE. Every. Single. Time.

Shut. UP.

I am convinced it's my superpower. (Or part of my Cuban DNA. But that's not important right now.)