I feel the power.

8 superheroes.
8 parents.
240 grapes.
1 murder.

It was New Year's Eve at the National Superhero Convention.
Sadly, the Blue Shadow had been found crushed to death before the convention started.

It was up to the Incredible League of Superheroes to solve the crime.
Super dinner

Back row: The Human Ape, Robotron, Supersleuth, The Brooder.
Front row: Windstorm, The Stapler, Shadowmasque, and Mysta.

They made a formidable team.
Although they all had a motive for murder and there were many clues to be sorted through, they all had alibis. *sigh*
Most of them air-tight. Except for one.

And so the heroes worked together to bring the killer to justice.

They did well, I think because they were so cooperative with the Local Law Enforcement.
Super dad

It took my own super power of Spousal Persuasion to get him into this get-up.

Which makes me..... A Force to be Reckoned With.   ;-)