I feel bad.

I've been complaining for the past few days that I'm tired.

So I start rationalizing...

Four Tried and True Rationalizations as To Why I Might Feel Tired:

  • I've been running around way too much.
  • I have been working way too hard.
  • I've had a lot on my mind.
  • I've spent too much time out in the night air.

(I totally acknowledge that the last one is an incredibly weak rationalization for feeling run down, which tells you how feeble my brain function is at the moment, but that's not important right now.)

The plain truth is that I'm sick.  (who knew??)  I have a sore throat and fever and full body aches and pains. I've decided to just embrace it and stop making excuses and being all martyrish about it. 

I'm not cooking. I'm not cleaning. I'm not even blogging. I'm sick and I'm going to bed with my heating pad. And I'm not apologizing for it. (Okay, so maybe I'm apologizing a little...)

Why do I feel compelled to have a really good reason to rest? Does anyone else struggle with this?

Is this a Mom Thing? 
Or a Cuban Woman Thing? 
Or A Personal Character Flaw?
A Societal Dictate?

(I'll check back in when I wake up or "come to"....)

Our cat, Poseidon illustrates how I'm feeling today.