Beta testing

P8087440I do a lot of stuff.
A lot.
In case you don't already know, I have an online shop called CubaToGo! (see link on left side there).  I am constantly getting ideas of stuff I'd like to wear on a tshirt or cap, or even on a sticker or a mug.  Always related to being Cuban, because, well.... I am Cuban.  (And darn proud of it!)

So, I had this idea for a new design and I started playing with it, changing colors, typefaces and swirls.

For Lucy's birthday-party-murder-thing a few weeks ago, I changed the design I was working on ("Cubanita") to say "Beauty" and it found itself onto a tote bag, tshirt and a cd. 

This is all the stuff the girls found in their goodie bags.  I know it looks elaborate, but it was really more creative than costly. (Thanks to the dollar bins at Target and with special thanks to my sister, Ofelia, who works for Lancome and donated the mascaras & juicy tubes. Thanks, Ofie! =D)


Anyway, the girls, I found, really loved their tshirts. In fact, by the end of the night, they were all wearing them and gushing. Yes, they gushed.

And I realized I had come up with a winning design.

This is apparently known as "beta testing."  Who knew?

I just call it "trying out a new design that I would wear myself."  (but that's not important right now. =D)