I did it, I got a facebook. I am a facebooker. I am facebooking.

This is Kikita.

For the past few weeks it seems I haven't been about to get through one day without being asked:

"Do you facebook?"
"Are you a facebooker?"
"Are you on facebook?"

And every now and then there is the snide (ok, they never go so far as snide, but there is a definite tone going on) comment, "Oh, YOU don't have a facebook? Hmph."

Peer pressure can be a terrible thing . . .

I am ashamed happy to announce I now have a facebook.


For those of you that have suffered my wrath and my exhaustive diatribes against facebook, please accept my humble apologies.

For those of you that are immediately going to look me up and add me to your friends list, you should know I have not finished my profile. All I've done so far was add pictures. I'm still learning.

Any helpful suggestions on how to navigate this new and strange world will be welcomed . . .