I create, therefore I am.

Pc041608Okay, so here's how our morning goes:

We all congregate around the next little advent box to be opened.  Jonathan opens it, Lucy takes out the slip of paper and reads it.  Questions follow.

"What do you mean by: 'Find all the Santa and Christmas tree pictures'?

They're for a Christmas collage.  I'm so excited about that project.  I asked them to dig through our old December pictures and find Santa Claus pictures and Christmas Trees.  We are going to use them to create a collage which we'll hang and enjoy through Christmas.  It's going to be very cool. I'll share when it's done.

But wait!  There's the scrapbook project in which I document all the stuff we've been doing each day.  And because I have been documenting, I have been creating a scrapbook page (digital with limited real accents) for each activity.  The goal here is to have a completed album at the end of December that shows not just how we spent this last month, but about how we celebrated Christmas in 2007.  (I'll start adding the pages into an album on the left nav to share.)


I got a Christmas scrapbook on sale last year and I held on to it.  It's an 8x8 format which makes it super simple to pull together a page with digital paper and embellishments in no time.  I pull the journaling straight off my blog.  (in fact, that's one of the main reasons I started blogging was to support my scrapbook stories, but that's not important right now.) 

So, I'm scrapping every day (sweet!) and doing fun and creative things with my family, too.  Oooh! Another score.  And somehow, I hope to infuse them with excitement over what Christmas truly means. 

There is no downside.  It's all good. =D