Hunting and Gathering

My internet connection is out again. (And so is my back, but that's not important right now) so it works out that I'm not sitting at my computer today. That's right... I'm Mobile Blogging once again. =)

But in spite of my own personal discomfort, I still have to go out and procure provisions for my family. (it's part of my job description as The Mom.)

It's quite an involved process as there are 3 primary sources where we get our goods and sundries.

1) Costco. We buy in bulk whenever possible. Mostly anything that will freeze well. But also (ahem..) paper goods. 2) Von's grocery store for fresh produce and deli items. 3) El Mercado Corona (local Mexican hole-in-the-wall that carries Goya products) for vino seco, naranja agria and guava paste.

I'm glad to do it. And really, I enjoy the entire process and get my kids involved whenever possible:
Menu planning... List making... Shopping... Eating homemade pastelitos de guayaba... (I'm all about tangible rewards for hard work.) =Ddownsized_0323091516.jpg