How sweet it is.

P8288260I had a craving.
An intense craving for something impossibly sweet.
And it couldn't be just anything sweet.
I'm talking IMPOSSIBLY sweet.

But preferably with a creamy texture and caramely taste.  And it had to be something I could get my hands on pretty quickly because it was already 11:30 at night and I live in white-bread-Orange-County.  It's not likely I can run to the store at that hour jonesing for my flan-fix.

So I quick check my cupboards and found a can of condensed milk.  (Oh great glory and splendor!! I'm saved!!)

1) I removed the label.
2) Placed the sealed can in my pressure cooker.
3) Covered the can with water.
3) Cooked it at high pressure for 45 minutes.

I let the pressure drop on it's own for about 15 minutes and then voilà!

I had a moment as I opened the cooling can and these three little words popped into my mind (along with a swelling angelic chorus):


My kids who didn't think for one moment that this experiment would work (because as far as they are concerned Häagen Dazs has perfected Dulce de Leche and put it on the map, so to speak).  But they were blown away.  They hovered around as I worked the can opener. They were all ready to mock my ridiculous effort.

Then I saw the gleam in their eyes and the spoons in their hands . . .

"Sweet!" they said.

"No," I corrected. "Impossibly sweet." =D


I'm making these Classic Cuban Sandwiches at Babalú today.
But you've got to come back here if you're craving some Dulce de Leche. ;-)

So . . .  now I have a can of cooked Dulce de Leche . . .

Any suggestions?