How Many Cuban Girls Does it Take to Get ONE Photo?

So, remember when Amy and I were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago? While we were there I had gotten it into my head that I wanted to take a picture of us in the elevator.

But let me explain....

The elevators at Bally's (where we were staying) were mirrored. And you know how much I love Now-and-Then type photos.

Somewhere, I remembered, there was a photo of Amy and me that I had taken in a mirror. I'm pretty sure it was taken in Las Vegas. I wanted to recreate that shot.

I remember that I had the camera and I was pointing it at us in the mirror. It was quite good. And I remember liking it a lot. (Where is that photo? I know I've seen it recently...)

On our way out for the evening I tried to take the shot, but I wasn't sure it was coming out just right.

"Let's do it when we get back."

So, it's after midnight (which means nothing to most people in Vegas) and we're both exhausted and it's super-stinking-but-it's-a-dry-heat hot. Still I insist we have to do this photo shoot in the elevator. (Where is that original photo? I know I've seen it somewhere just recently....)

We get into the elevator and at the last minute A Strange Person gets in. (Of course, this is not at all strange in Las Vegas, land of Strange People, but that's not important right now.)

Amy and I both sort of panic when he asks, "Going up, or down?" (Argh! He's speaking to us! What do we do?? What do we say??)

At the same exact time: I say, "Down." She says, "Up."

We exchange a quick glance and AGAIN at the exact time time: I say, "Up." She says, "Down."

I'm the calm and quick thinking one... ", is it after midnight?" I ask Strange Person who might be wanted in a few states - he's got a shifty look to him, who then goes off about how it's after 3 am where he's from way down in South Texas, "way down by the Mexican border" - like I was really interested in just how far he had to run to escape his chain-gang in south Texas that he was from and seriously, can't he see that all we want is for him to vacate so we can  have this elevator to ourselves so we can take the stupid picture and just go to bed?

Of course, I did not let on to Strange Person in the Bally's Elevator After Midnight* that I really did not care.  This made my (not as cool as I was at that moment) daughter collapse in a fit of laughter once Strange Person in the *B.E.A.M. (=D) had made his exit.

I was still very focused on trying to get the photo I wanted. She was not cooperating very well. In fact, she was seriously handicapped and was doubled over laughing so hard at what will forever be known as the Elevator Antics At Bally's.

Exhibit A:


Me? I was intent on getting that photo. (Darn it! I know I have seen it just recently! It's right on the tip of my brain. (As in that's how you would have something on the tip of your tongue in the same way.)

If I could get Amy to cooperate, I would just take the photo and then hunt for the original when I got home and do one of my Now-and-Then posts. (Where was that photo? This was sooo bugging me!)

I surely was completely incapable of blogging about the entire Bally's Elevator Scene with Strange Person. I'm just not that articulate.


We got the photo I wanted...


I realized way later in sort of a slow-motion a-ha moment where I had recently seen the original mirror photo.

You are probably much quicker on the uptake and may have already noticed it...

See the first photo on the left of my blog header. That's Amy and me. In Las Vegas in 2006. We took the picture in a mirror. We. Did. It!

Header_graphic copy copy 

Shut up. I know.