How I Choose My Giveaway Winners (and the IMUSA Mini Cookware Winner)

I have to tell you that your responses to the questions in the last post were awesomely hilarious! Plus, you all had some great suggestions for how to use this Mini Cookware. Seriously, thank you! And if you're curious, go check them out here.

Here were the original questions:

  • What can you see yourself making in any or all of these beautiful mini cookware pieces?
  • What color Mini Cookware would you choose? 
  • What's your favorite word to add an "-ito" to?

And because it's Sunday night and I'm still recovering from my trip to Tennessee and my weekend with my mom I'll make this post short and sweet, or "cort-ito. ;-)

Here's a photo of the entire line of Mini Cookware. Isn't it just yummy?

Imusa Mini Cookware

And in case you don't know how I do these giveaways, I'll tell you now:

1. I go to the website and type in the number of comments into the True Random Number Generator. It then randomly chooses a number, like this one:

Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 7.44.36 PM

2. I then take the Result that's showing in the box and count down to see which comment is the winner and I take a screen shot, like this:


Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 7.55.51 PM

3. At which point I congratulate the winner and give them instructions telling them to contact me, like this:

Congratulations, Kiki! You won the IMUSA Mini Cookware! Please send me an email with "Hey, Marta! I won stuff on your blog!" in the subject line (so that I don't accidentally delete it). Be sure to include your snail mail address so that I can forward to IMUSA USA and they can send you your fabulous Mini Cookware.

4. Then I thank the giveaway sponsors for their generosity and I tell you where you can purchase their products for yourself, like this:

Thank you so much, IMUSA USA for sponsoring this giveaway! IMUSA Products are available at all Macy's stores.

5. And then I let the rest of you know that I have partnered with IMUSA USA to bring you more product giveaways in the future, like this:

To the rest of you, thanks for playing once again. IMUSA USA will be sponsoring a different product giveaway here at MBFCF every month, so if you didn't win this time, please come back and try again.