How an arcade game can double as a personality test or WARNING: Perfectionism can strike at any moment!

Our good friends, Gene and Pam were visiting this week, so of course we met them at Disneyland. ;-)

My entire goal for this trip, besides spending precious time with my BFF, was to experience Toy Story Mania, the newest attraction at Disney's California Adventure Park.

So, I call my niece:
"Helen, I'm going to meet Gene and Pam at C.A. and so I can finally go on the Toy Story ride."  (She had been telling me about how much they have enjoyed it, and it's been closed the last few times I've been there, but that's not important right now.)
"Tell me what time and we'll meet you there." (That response right there is one of the major reasons why I so love my family. Can you say, SPONTANEOUS?)

Anyway, through the technological magic of text messaging and cell phones, we all coincided at the attraction at once. How on earth did we coordinate anything before cell phones??


Then we had to make the monumental decision of the day: Who Rides With Who? (or is it Who Rides With Whom?)

Ben chose Lucy, of course.
Which left the other seven of us to pair off by twos.
Gene sacrificially chose to be the solitary rider. (He's a pastor. It totally fits his personality that he would do this, but that's not important right now, either.)

Here he is sporting the mandatory 3-D glasses:


So, Pam and I end up on the ride together. It's a 3-D arcade game. I was Player One (on the left).

The telling question:

What does the Final Score vs. Accuracy ratio tell you about our personalities?

Life would be so dull if we were all the same, wouldn't it? =D

I love you, my friend!