How about a little cheese with that whine?

I have finally managed to find my computer today in the Mess-That-is-My-House.

I wanted the work done. I genuinely did.

In fact, I pretty much badgered encouraged (=D) my husband to get the guys out here to work on the house as soon as possible.
I just never stopped to ponder how it would affect my real life.

I had visions of the beautiful look of the finished rooms. How fabulous will those ceiling fans look in my dining room and my bedroom?

I didn't count on the process.

And how undone it would make me feel.

So, there are holes in my ceilings that will soon hold the lovely fans. And there is a gargantuan mess in my studio/office/classroom where my new cabinets will soon be built. The kitchen cabinets are also being painted and there's new plumbing in the bathrooms.

And I'm just feeling impatient and out-of-sorts and itching to distract myself by scrapbooking my last two (!) trips to Miami.

But that's not my current reality.

This is:

I know I'll like it when it's all complete. Right now, it just looks and feels like a great big, out-of-control mess.  And I'm hating it. And I'm grumpy. And maybe a little depressed. (sigh)

But really, I have nothing to do but stay out of the way and wait for it all to get done. And I hate waiting. And I want it all done NOW.

And so today's Remodel-as-Metaphor-for-my-Life is brought to you by God, who loves me and has a plan for my life. 

(NOTE TO GOD: Please don't smite, me. I promise to be more grateful and cooperative tomorrow. =D)