Hispanic Heritage, Kevin Bacon and... oh, yes... A winner!

We are serious and competitive when it comes to playing games.

We play a lot of card games. My mom (yes, the 96 year old) is the most cut-throat of the bunch.  If she's playing, I usually offer to just serve snacks. (I know. Coward. Shut up.)

Of course, we play the Kevin Bacon Game incessantly. (Note: It's much easier to play this if you have memorized large portions of the IMDB, but that's not important right now.)

The winner of the General Mills Yahtzee Game is......


Pastor Gene said...

We're experiencing a game-revival of sorts as grandparents. Candyland tournaments are now routinely held in our dining room. Did you know there was a Buzz Lightyear edition of the classic, Operation?


Congratulations, Gene!

Happily, Pastor Gene is an old and dear friend. Yes, he's the Train Report Guy! 

Gm yahtzee

Thanks to all of you for playing. (<--no pun intended.)

Now, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, can you link the following people to Kevin Bacon in less than 6 steps?

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Alfred Molina
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Antonio Banderas