Hell is probably freezing over, too.

P41631111_2This is a new and thrilling sensation.

These two particular surfaces have never before been seen like this simultaneously.

It happens, if I'm lucky (and motivated) once a year, like the vernal equinox.
Or more randomly, like a total eclipse of the sun.  Which, by the way, will take place on August 1st 2008, but don't even get me started as to why I happen to know this particular bit of solar trivia.

What does this phenomenon P4163048_2mean??

It means we're taking a break.
We're laying low. We're chillin'.
We're kicking back.
We are so NOT working this week.
It's not like we're taking off for Fort Lauderdale or anything.  (I wonder why it is that every time I think of Spring Break, I think of Connie Francis and George Hamilton in Where the Boys Are? That totally dates me, doesn't it? =D)

But I digress. . .
We've worked really hard and now we're going to play for a few P4163115days.

See? The games have already begun!  This is cat hide-and-seek!  Isn't this fun??         

Like the vernal equinox or the eclipse of the sun, there is a brief and thrilling glimpse of glory, and there is the momentary excitement, but then it eventually becomes the stuff of legend.

"Ah, yes. The Cleared-Flat-Surface-Spring-of '07. I remember it well."