Language Lessons Five-O

Amy is always gushing about how certain words in Spanish just sound really great - never mind the meaning - it's the sound that counts. 

She loves words like "maldita" and "vacilon."

The same thing happens to me with Hawaiian words and names.  It's a lovely melodious language and it's fun to try to say things in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Language Lesson #1 - There are 18 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet.

Hawaiian Language Lesson # 2 - The 5 vowels are always pronounced AH, EH, EE, OH, OO. (Hey! Just like Spanish, but that's not important right now...)

The words are pronounced just as they are written.  For example:

Honolulu is pronounced "hoh noh loo loo."

And there are fun-to-say Hawaiian expressions like:

"Pa`a ka waha" -which means "shut the mouth."

So we're on the North Shore of Oahu today and there is a swell and there are no lifeguards on the deserted beach.  Of course, Eric decides to go swimming. . .


Me: "Get out now!  I won't save you!" (not that I could if I wanted to, but that's not important right now. =D)

Eric: "Pa`a ka waha!"

Me: "Po' poco te mato!"*

*okay, so actually that's Spanish and it means "I could almost KILL you!" 

But it sounds Hawaiian, and that's what's important right now.   ;-)


Marta and The Kahuna in Waikiki. =D