Searching for Cuban Food

I love to cook and I love getting mail. And I especially love getting mail from people trying my recipes.
Snail mail. Email. Comment. Love it.
The question I get the most:

"Where can I find your Cuban food recipes?"

If you click on the Food and Drink or Cuban Food category links (in the sidebar on the right) you will find my food posts from this site.  I finally installed the Blogbar search (also there to your right) because of peer pressure.  Happy now, Amanda? ;-)

But most of my recipes live in Miami (Cuban food capital of the Free World) over at Babalúblog. Val has a wonderful search function for his blog.  Just type in Marta's Cuban American Kitchen in the search box and all my Cuban food recipes will show up.  By the way, I usually post something on Thursdays. Usually every other, but sometimes every week, if I'm feeling inspired or just having a Cuban food craving (which could technically happen every single day, but that's not important right now).

But please, if you are trying a recipe or you have already made something I have posted, don't hesitate to write and tell me about it. Send pictures too. =D

Did I mention I love getting mail? ;-)
Write to me.