Havana Surf Team Training Camp

P9018313The West Coast representatives of the Havana Surf Team (henceforth to be known as the HST)  will be in serious training all week on the beautiful beaches of San Diego, California. ;-)

I'll be bringing live reports from their training facility.

My job for the entire week is to document the adventures of the HST from paddle out to wipe out.

I will be doing lots of research on various subjects, too. Which involves a lot of READING. =D

And sadly, (=D) I won't be able to cook all week.  But I will still be directing the Team "comelatas."  ;-) (read "eat-a-thons")

If you have any questions or problems, the Home Office will be manned by AJ.
In the meantime, show your solidarity by getting your HST shirts here.

Go Team! =D