Hasta La Vista, Baby!

We've been talking about this for weeks (maybe months) so the actual day came as no surprise. Adam has been planning to move to Redding, California. (There's a girl up there....of course.)

Adam's 24 and has moved out (and come back home) a few times already, but he's never gone quite this far.

Redding is 592 miles from Mission Viejo. Not an easy day trip, by any means.

Screen shot 2010-07-20 at 6.27.01 AM 

Yesterday was the day.

He packed up all his worldly possessions onto his little truck.

Loading truck 

Stephanie (The Girl) flew down to accompany him on the drive up.

Blogosphere, meet Stephanie. Stephanie, blogosphere.

Steph & adam 

And off they went.


But not before I had the chance to remind him of a few dozen things, including:

  • Text me. But don't text while you're driving.
  • Go slow. There's no hurry.
  • Hydrate! Take lots of water bottles.
  • Don't forget to floss.
  • Call your mother!
  • Make good choices.

  Adam & me

God bless you, my son. I'll miss you terribly. Godspeed.