Happy Easter, My Peeps

P4072796My husband's birthday is this month.
The 17th to be exact.
And sometimes it falls on Easter Sunday.
But not this year.

In case you were burning with curiosity as to why Easter seems to bounce around each year, while Christmas gets to stay happily put on the 25th of December....

"Easter Sunday is the date of the annual celebration of Christ's resurrection. The aim of the Easter Dating Method is to maintain, for each Easter Sunday, the same season of the year and the same relationship to the preceding astronomical full moon that occurred at the time of His resurrection in 30 A.D. - Easter Sunday, from 326 A.D. is always one of the 35 dates from March 22nd to April 25th." 

That full story and calculation method is found here. (Just one of those things you tend to have time to think about and research when you are homeschooling and can use to amaze your friends.)

Anyway, back to Eric and the month of April. . .
Because we tend to be a celebratory group, we start treating him with special kindness on April 1st - and NO, that was NOT in any way a subliminal reference to April Fool's Day. ;-)
We just start thinking about gifts and about doing special things for him and treating him with deference this month.

One of his very favorite Easter treats is Marshmallow Peeps.  Lucky for him, he gets to have as much of this happy treat as he wants.  The rest of us just don't really enjoy marshmallows - unless of course, it is a real marshmallow, cooked over an open fire at the end of a bent clothes hanger and is eaten with chocolate and graham crackers.  S'mores, Baby! Bring them on!

But Peeps. . . well, they are a completely different story. Is it considered a candy? Or does it just fall into the "sweets" category? Although they have a tremendous cult following. And there is even a Peep-Fest held in Sacramento every year where Peep lovers go and eat as many Peeps as they can. (NOTE: They usually puke after about 5 minutes) What fun! =I

My particular favorite is the traveling Peep show.

Which brings me to the only reason I even know any of this stuff.  I am married to Eric, Lover of All Things Peep.  Since we've been together, Easter has taken on a whole other dimension.  See, Honey? Look at the way you've enriched my life. =D

Our Easter traditions include:

  1. Going to church to celebrate our Lord's glorious resurrection.
  2. Brunch with Eric's family.
  3. And of course, we'll always have Peeps. ;-)