Happiness delivered to my door

Another delightful blog-hijacking brought to you by Lucy Darby:

Last week I purchased these adorable 1950s-retro-nerd glasses from this fabulous online store called Red Velvet Art. If you take a look at yesterday's post, you'll see that I'm wearing them.

But I thought they deserved a little back story. Or, as my English teacher would say, "Exposition is necessary."


Iheard about Red Velvet Art from (who else?) my mom. She kept insisting that this girl was so inspiring and that I would adore her work.

My mom sent me the link, I clicked on her site, and was IMMEDIATELY hooked. I wanted everything. The art, the pins, the journals, the toys, the stationary... Then I found out that this girl... had a blog.

I swear, Elsie Flannigan is now my Creative Role Model.

But I digress.

Actually, I wasn't really doing too much digressing (which is not even a word, even though it should be), but I just thought that it would be fun to use the word "digress" because honestly, how many times does a person get to use such a fun word during their normal life and you know what, there are actually many Spanish words which are way more fun to say such as sacapuntas or fufú, but fufú is actually a Cuban dish so I'm not sure if it really counts as an actual word because it's a proper noun I think but I suppose it could be an actual word if you didn't really care about that kind of thing because I know I don't care, but now that I think of it, when my mom made fufú it honestly wasn't as great as her ropa vieja or arroz con pollo or even the carne con papas (which is also fun to say)...


Back to the whole I-bought-some-cute-glasses post...

I have always wanted to wear glasses. I am convinced they give me a cuteness boost and they make me look smarter.

So I ordered a pair.

After a week of anxious waiting, a tiny box appeared on my doorstep. I snatched up the box, sped inside, and sat down at my desk, staring at it in awe.

In all the giddy excitement, I decided to take a picture.


A few moments of silence occurred. Then the tape was ripped away and the bubble wrap floated to the floor.

I may have gasped. I can't be sure.

I tentatively touched them...then picked them up...then put them over my eyes.

In a daze, I managed to find a mirror.

AHHHH! I'm cute!! AHHHH!!

As soon as I got over the initial shock, I left the mirror, searching for some outside confirmation.

Me: Mom? Am I cute?

Her: Yes. Go take pictures of yourself in your cuteness.

(insert barely-contained-crazed-laughter here)

I then wandered around the house happily, taking pictures of myself. I tend to do that, you know.

I crack me up.

NOTE: I'm Marta. I'm the mom and I approve this post. =D