Gratuitous Photos of My Four Kids

All my creative energy is going into my kitchen remodel. Well, most of it.

Another high percentage of my creative energy is going into designing sets and costumes for the high school production of Grease (Jonathan will be playing the role of Sonny).

And did I mention that we've torn up the downstairs bathroom? Probably not, because I'm kind enough to spare the internet from enjoying photos of my discarded toilet in the side yard and my bombed-out-looking-bathroom. You're welcome.

All that to say this: I'm having trouble stringing two words together to make a sentence because my right brain has taken charge over my entire being and is diverting all energy to sets, costumes, kitchen, and bath (not necessarily in that order).

And did I mention that I'm mostly "visual?"

So I thought I'd just post some photos of my kids today.

  1. Because they make me happy.
  2. Because these photos perfectly captured their relationships and personalities.
  3. Because I can. ;-)

Lucy & Adam. He was seven when she was born and that was upsetting to him for a while.

Lucy & adam 3

He's obviously over it.

Lucy & adam

Now it's like they share a brain.

Lucy & adam 2

Amy Kikita really, really wanted her Ruby-Slippers-on-Crack in the photos.

Amy & adam 4

I told her she didn't have to be so dramatic.


That's my girl!

Amy 2

Theirs is the perfect love/hate sibling relationship.

Amy & adam 3

My girls, in spite of the 10 year age difference, are friends. That makes me happy.

Amy & lucy

Jonathan and Adam are working hard to perfect their smolder.

Jon & adam 2

But, I like their happy faces better.

Jon & adam

These two sometimes act like they're twins.

Lucy & jon

Lucy just really, really wanted her harlequin tights to be documented.


I really, really miss having Adam around.


Because he always makes us laugh.

Adam & amy

And laugh.

Amy & adam 2

Jonathan and Amy. He's sixteen. She's twenty-eight. But they share a love for Battlestar Gallactica and Dr. Who. Go figure.

Jon & amy

I love that they were all wearing red and black and looked all color-coordinated. (It was Christmas.)

I love when they are all together and making each other laugh.

All four 2

All four 3

All four

They are all so different and yet so very much alike. One thing I know for sure, when they smile....I can't deny any of them.

Thanks for your attention. Now it's back to my kitchen and bathroom and Greasers and Pink Ladies. I may yet post photos of my discarded toilet, but that's not important right now. ;-)