Gratuitous breakfast photo

We don't (and can't) eat like this every day. 

But every now and then (usually on weekends so that Adam & Amy Kikita can be here) we make it a point to sit down to a crazy-abundant-is-that-real-bacon breakfast.

Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. And in typical Gemini fashion, it's my favorite meal to eat at home.

(NOTE: I don't really believe in horoscopes and all that, but it serves my purpose for this particular post to illustrate the whole eating out/eating in, Gemini/twin thing , but that's not important right now.)
Breakfast table

The coffee was hot.
The juice was cold.
The pancakes were fluffy.
The French Toast was thick.
The bacon was crispy.
The conversation was lively.
The family was satisfied.

You wish you were here, don't you? ;-)