Grand Inspirations

P7046507That beautiful little Cuban guy residing in that wonderfully fluffy nest is my grandnephew, Ben.

We are all seriously besotted by this kid.  His poor parents - when they come over,  the first thing Eric says is, "Yay! Ben's here!" As if Helen and Daryl's (his parents) entire reason for existing is for them to deliver this beautiful boy to us for our endless amusement. (Sorry, guys. )

This is one of about thirty identical pictures (thank God for digital!) of him in all his cozy wonder.
He is completely enthralled with Diego and we are completely enthralled with him.

Pc198934 There are seven great-grands in my big, fat Cuban family.
And I am constantly inspired by their adorable presence.

But, Ben....

well . . . he's THE quintessential Little Cuban Guy. =D

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