Giving back to our Veterans - Cooking With the Troops

In July of this year, my family and I were privileged to take part in a wonderful event in San Antonio, Texas where we got to provide a great, big, home-cooked, Cuban feast to wounded veterans at the Warrior Family Support Center at Brooke Army Medical Center.

When I share the story of how wonderful it was to be able to serve our very brave troops in this small way, people often express that they would love to do something to help.

This video explains exactly what Cooking With the Troops is all about. (At the 4:02 mark, you may recognize this Cuban blogger talking about the importance of food and family, but that's not important right now.)

I speak for myself and my family when I tell you that not only was it a privilege to provide a Cuban home-cooked meal for our warriors, it was one of the best and most fun experiences I've ever had in my life. (No exaggeration.)

If you're serious about wanting to help, here's your chance to give back just a little to those who have risked their lives for the very freedoms we enjoy and for the most part, take for granted.

Cooking With the Troops is all about providing comfort to our recovering warriors and you can help support them by making a contribution to their wonderful organization. Please consider giving. Every little bit helps.

As a Cuban refugee whose family came to America with nothing but what we could carry, I'm especially grateful. Today, I proudly salute all of this nation's veterans during times of peace and of war. You, who have served and bled and died for my freedom. I don't take this lightly. Thank you for your sacrifices. 

Happy Veteran's Day.